Privacy Policy


The privacy policy of our website is about the information that we collect from our visitors and customers, and how we use that information. If anyone uses our services, it would be considered ipso-facto, that the one agrees with our collection and usage of information as delineated in this policy. If anyone disagrees with any of the mentioned conditions, we humbly request not to use this website.

Information we collect

a. Home Gadget Shop collects individualized information upon the registration of any visitor(s) with us.

b. Upon registration one shall have to fill the form which required some personal information.

c. We may collect the information of any visitor who buys any product from us.

d. We can also access some personal information when anyone contacts us.

e. Besides the personal information, we may gather some impersonal information about our visitors, like; operating system, IP address, and the type of browser the visitor is using.

This information is used to decipher certain behaviors of the visitors apropos his/her interests, browsing, time and date of visits, time spent in different areas of website and the number of visits.

Confidentiality of the information

The information we accumulate from you is solely used for the purpose of follow-ups. We ensure the strict policy of data confidentiality, however, the information can be disclosed for certain reasons and needs;

a. The information can be disclosed to the employees, business partners, parent or subsidiary companies, series providers and in some cases, to the suppliers.

b. In case of any fraudulent maneuvers, the information can be disclosed to any law and enforcement agency.

c. On the order of judiciary the information can be disclosed for the purpose of investigation in the matters where general public is the concern.

d. If any other company acquires this company, the information will be divulged to the new owner of the website.

The company may change the provisions of its ‘private policy’, as it deems fit, before the prior notice. However, the new policy, if changed, will be updated on the website