Mini LED Nail Lamp
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Mini LED Nail Lamp

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Lamp for drying nail polish and nails Mini LED Nail Lamp is a unique fixture that saves valuable time. With the help of the device, it is possible to qualitatively fix the manicure. Given the popularity of gel polish among the fair sex, the device is perfect for drying it.

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The main advantages of the Mini LED gel polish lamp

It combines the most important properties – efficiency and compactness. This model of an ultraviolet lamp has a miniature size. Does not take up space in the closet, does not require a special storage compartment. You can buy a lamp for drying nails for private craftsmen who receive clients or go to their homes. The main advantages of Mini LED Lamp:

  • Design. Stylish colors in combination with an ergonomic body do their job – the nail lamp is comfortable to hold in your hand and pleasant to use.
  • Functionality. Connects to a PC or via an adapter to any power source via a USB cable.
  • Built-in timer, which should definitely be in a good gel polish lamp. Installed for 30 minutes, which is quite enough for fixing the gel and even the top coat.
  • Cost. You can buy a lamp for drying gel polish in Moscow or with delivery across the Russian Federation at very low cost. This is beneficial for both manicurists and those who want to use the device on their own at home.

With the small size Mini LED Nail Lamp, 4 fingers are placed under the power sources, and if urgently needed and saving time, you can dry even 5. With such a “baby” you can completely do without a larger and more serious pedicure apparatus!



  • Lamp type: LED
  • Power: 9W
  • Lamp color: pink, red, black, beige, gold
  • Gloss: glossy
  • Display: no display
  • Timer: 30 sec / endless
  • Removable bottom: yes


  • 1 nail dryer of the selected color
  • 1 USB cable

You can buy Mini LED Nail Lamp for drying nail polish / nails at a bargain price in our online store – just put the product in the basket and place your order, we will deliver it to you quickly.

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